Career opportunities

Skellefteå has much to offer those looking to live and work in Sweden. Its strong industrial heritage, burgeoning high-tech sector and exciting university campus, offer huge career potential to those thinking of relocating to Sweden.

Working in the home town of entrepreneurs

Skellefteå has been characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit ever since the early 1900s. At that time, wood and ore formed the basis for the town's success.

These business sectors are just as important in the 2000s, but now they are being revitalized thanks to modern technology and digitalisation.

And these traditional industries are now being complemented by a thriving high-tech sector.

The strong drive from visionary entrepreneurs creates an employment market that needs many different skills.

Room for your ideas

The Skellefteå region is known for encouraging new and innovative ideas that can be developed into successful business concepts.

Skellefteå has even recently opened its own tech startup incubator/innovation house, The Great Northern The Great Northern.

In other words, Skellefteå can provide all the tools necessary for those with ideas and skills upon which they would like to build a career in Sweden.