Future areas of need

If you’re thinking of moving to Sweden, there are a few employment sectors in which we expect to see increased demand in Skellefteå.

In this area, there will be a need for everything from doctors and midwives to various specialist nurses. In other words, healthcare represents a great opportunity for those who are currently working in this sector, or studying these topics, and who are considering emigrating to Sweden.

Skellefteå IT companies continue to be successful and future recruitment will mainly focus on software and system developers, test managers and IT architects.

Building and construction
This area mainly needs floorers and HVAC assemblers.

Hotels and restaurants
This industry is growing in Skellefteå and is in need of qualified chefs, bakers and confectioners.

Pedagogical work
Pre-school teachers will be in demand, as will upper secondary school teachers of all subjects.

Already there is a great need for engineers in a number of areas, including building and construction, electric power, machinery and geographical information systems (GIS). If you want to live and work in Sweden and Skellefteå, engineering is a great sector.