Moving home kickstarted Moa's career

– Being an architect in Skellefteå allows me to contribute to gradually improving the town. Both in big and small ways. Also, the employment market seems to be fairly stable here, says Moa Öst.

When she was ten, an idea formed in Moa Öst's mind. Inspired by a cousin, she decided to become an architect, although she barely understood what that meant. Today, just over 20 years later, she has worked as an architect for five years.

After studying in Lund in southern Sweden and Seville in Spain, it was in her home town Skellefteå that she entered the business, at Nilsson & Sahlin, where she worked in the summers.

– It was quite a good period for the construction sector, and just like several of my fellow students I was offered a job as soon as I had taken my exam. But unlike many of those who found jobs further south in Sweden, I didn't become unemployed when the trend turned, says Moa.

Skellefteå is a stimulating environment

The opportunity to work in a relatively stable employment market is just one of the many benefits of working in Skellefteå, says Moa:
– It is also very practical logistically speaking to live and work in a suitably-sized town.

My place of work is just a five-minute walk from home, and the town centre is just two minutes away. And the 10 km skiing track up at Vitberget is just ten minutes away.

Moa believes the town's size offers her greater opportunities to work with many different types of projects, which challenge her as an architect and offer her a very interesting career.

"Much more than drawing buildings"

– It feels as though my knowledge is growing here. That is important, as being an architect is such an interdisciplinary profession. In order to create environments and buildings, you need to understand how people behave.

It covers everything from drawing buildings for good outdoor environments and the complexity surrounding that, to furniture and detailed construction, says Moa.

Shaping her career in her home Town

Moa says she hasn't thought much about what her dream project would be.
– However a new travel centre or theatre would be very exciting to help create. Something big, which will influence the town. There is much beauty to build on,  such as the town's inheritance of wooden buildings, and the well-preserved 1950s-style buildings that form the centre.