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Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service) will help you connect with Swedish employers to find jobs in Sweden.
The mission of Arbetsförmedlingen is to contribute to a well-functioning labour market for jobseekers and for employers.

This means helping jobseekers to find suitable employment in Sweden and employers to find employees with the skills and experiences they need to prosper.
An important task for the agency is also to provide extra support to those in need in order for them to gain a first foothold, or regain a lost foothold on the labour market. In this way, the agency combats exclusion and increases employment, and opportunities to work in Sweden, in both the short and long-term.

The Swedish Public Employment Service
Arbetsförmedlingens webpage


Flytta - a new service for people who are moving to Sweden to work
If you are thinking of moving to Sweden to work, you can now visit a new service, Flytta, where you will get a personal guide and easily accessible information about how Swedish society works.

In Flytta you will get information about life in Sweden and the process of moving here in a clear, secure and easy way. By answering questions in a chat, a personal guide is created that facilitates the process and provides support to people who are moving to Sweden to work. The support consists of information about your application for a work permit, what to keep in mind if you have a family that is moving here with you, and what opportunities and obligations a move to Sweden involves. By creating an account, the guide can be saved so that you can easily come back and check things off after you have completed various steps in your moving process.

Flytta is a digital service developed in collaboration between several Swedish authorities. It gives you information from all authorities, without you having to visit their websites. You will learn more about housing, school, health care, registering in the national population register, work opportunities for family members and child benefits for any children who are moving here with you.

Flytta is aimed at people who are coming here from a country outside the EU, no matter whether you have just started thinking about moving to Sweden to work or if you have already received an offer of work here. You get individualised information that matches your situation, both if you are moving by yourself or if you have a family that will be moving here with you. Read more

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