Study in Skellefteå

You have many different opportunities for adult learning in Skellefteå. Here are universities, polytechnics, municipal adult education and community colleges and study associations. Choose the one that suits you!

Campus Skellefteå

There are two universities at Campus Skellefteå; Luleå Univesity of Technology and Umeå University, as well as the state-run research institute RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden . The activities at campus comprise research and education within the fields of Wood science and engineering, computer games, new technology, nursing and social services. There are also technical colleges at the campus that offer educational courses developed in close collaboration with sectors that are in need of manpower.

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Learning center for distance learning 

If you take a distance corse of some of the nation's colleges and universities you will get the support and services of the Learning Centre Campus Skellefteå .

VUX - for adults, based at Campus Skellefteå

You can study at VUX from the the year you turn 20 or when you receive your final grade from high school. Prioritised are persons who have previous education or have disabilities.

Courses in VUX  - Within VUX can read basic primary and upper secondary school, and Swedish for immigrants, SFI. There are also special instruction for adults and training for those with dyslexia.
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Attend a community college (Folkhögskola)

Those eager to study at a community college have three interesting alternatives that in addition to general studies also offer their own special courses:

Situated in picturesque surroundings in the centre of Skellefteå, focusing on health and wellness.
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Situated in Burträsk outside Skellefteå, focusing on creative activities such as art and theatre.
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Located in Frostkåge, just north of Skellefteå. Among the courses offered are; art, Afro-American music traditions, and neuropsychiatric disabilities (NPF).
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