Important business sectors

IT companies
Skellefteå was already ahead of the curve when the IT boom happened in Sweden. The IT sector is still very important to Skellefteå, with many successful companies who constantly require well-trained employees.

Creative industries
Skellefteå-based companies are being noticed all over the world for their work in film, advertising, the internet, computer game development and digital production. Creative Skellefteå companies have been awarded prestigious international prizes and attract talent from the rest of Sweden and globally.

Power production
Skellefteå Kraft is one of Sweden's biggest power companies, and enjoys a leading position within the development of environmentally friendly energy production such as wind power, hydropower and bioenergy. The company is one of the area's largest employers and requires everything from engineers and technicians to accountants and assemblers.

The startlingly beautiful natural areas surrounding Skellefteå are a source of income for capable entrepreneurs who offer unique experiences and outdoor activities.

Skellefteå mining industry mainly produces copper, zinc and gold, and has a great need for qualified employees in a variety of areas. The mining industry employs a huge number of people and has played an important role in Skellefteå's economic development.

Timber industry
With a tradition spanning several hundred years, Skellefteå's timber industry holds a strong position in Sweden and the rest of the world. There are opportunities to find work with all sorts of operations from industry-leading wood processing companies with global markets, to smaller developers of modern wooden buildings that form the basis for creating the sustainable societies of the future.

Manufacturing industries
The strong entrepreneurial spirit in Skellefteå has resulted in the establishment of manufacturing industries in a huge variety of sectors throughout the municipality.