Skellefteå boasts a multitude of activities from arts to winter sports, encompassing virtually everything in between.

Culture in the town of storytellers

Skellefteå's cultural meeting place attracts thousands of visitors every year. Historical environments and verdant outdoor areas are popular both among locals and visitors. Here you will find a café, restaurants, a playground, art galleries, a museum and a theatre.
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Thanks to Skellefteå museum, Skellefteå Konsthall, Meijersamlingen and Museum Anna Nordlander, Nordanå is a popular destination all year round. The permanent and short-term exhibitions are all thought-provoking and memorable experiences.
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Music and theatre
Skellefteå's theatres combine local legends such as Torgny Lindgren, P.O. Enqvist and Sara Lidman with other Swedish and international masterpieces. The quality of the local music scene is proven by the receipt of awards such as "Music School of the Year" and "Pop Music Town of the Year".

Restaurants and night life

Skellefteå's food has attracted lots of attention and praise over the past few years. Several successful and experienced restaurateurs combine international food with regional specialities, and this has enabled Skellefteå's exciting restaurant selection to cater to all tastes and preferences. The proximity to the ocean and wilderness means that fish and game can be offered on seasonal menu..
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Fresh air – life in the middle of nature

There are 1,500 lakes, five big rivers and 360 km of coastline. Regardless of what type of fishing you are interested in, you are likely to be able to enjoy it here. Our fishing guides include tips on where, when and how you can fish.
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Scooter and hiking trails
With 1,750 km of well-maintained snow scooter trails you can go pretty much anywhere, and enjoy everything from ski slopes and barbecue areas to fishing lakes and the sea. During the summer, the many hiking trails are a natural choice for experiencing untouched nature up close.

There are many great ski slopes in the municipality, including Vitberget, Storklinta, Bygdsiljum, Bureberget, Klutmarksbacken, Röset in Lövånger and Kvarnberget in Burträsk. There is also accommodation on offer at most of the skiing facilities.

Watch sports all year round

Ice hockey in the elite series
At Skellefteå Kraft Arena you can enjoy fast-paced and exciting ice hockey when Sweden's top team AIK is playing a match. Choose between comfortable seats or amazing standing spaces where you can experience the magical atmosphere at Västra Stå.
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Football in the elite series
The football team Sunnanå SK play their matches at Norrvalla IP. Experience great matches when the Sunnanå women's football team challenges big teams from all over the country.

At Skellefteåtravet you can enjoy classic trotting all year round. Midsommartravet is a big public event, and many people bring their own comfortable camping chairs to enjoy the trotting beneath the never-setting sun.
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Bathing and sports facilities

Public baths
With eight public baths in the municipality, there is room for everyone, including families with young children, people who swim for exercise and aquarobics. Several of the public baths also have gyms and relaxation departments.

Summer bathing
There are plenty of cooling bathing options to choose from for locals who are feeling the summer heat. Havsbadet in Boviken is close to town and popular, as are the many lakes that are spread across the municipality. Not to mention Vitbergsbadet in the middle of town, and Kågebadet, both of which offer heated pools for children and adults.

Book a sports hall
When the municipal sports halls are not booked by various teams and associations, they are available for online booking by people who are keen to do some exercise.

This recently build activity park has quickly become a popular area for children and youths who enjoy skateboarding, inline skating, kickbikes and bicycling.

Street basket and beach volleyball
The public park area in Skellefteå has courses that the public are welcome to use if they wish to challenge each other to a match.

Winter sports

Ski tracks at Vitberget
There is a large track system at Vitberget, including a 2,5 km long track on artificial snow that is created every ear at Skellefteå skiing stadium before the real snow falls. The status of the ski tracks can easily be checked using the app "My Skellefteå".
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Mountains close by
Skellefteå is just one beautiful car journey away from the mountain region and everything it has to offer. Cross-country and downhill skiing. Fishing and hiking. Fresh mountain air and untouched nature. Everything is just a few hours away from Skellefteå.

Active organisations and clubs

Sports for thousands of children
Skellefteå's organisations and clubs keep thousands of children and youths active. Football, riding and indoor bandy are among the most popular sports, but ice hockey and taekwondo are also in demand. Read more about Skellefteå's organisations and clubs at www.skelleftea.se/foreningsregister

The golf club
Skellefteå Golfklubb, five kilometres away from the town centre, is one of the world's northernmost 27-hole courses and in the summer it is open day and night.
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The Bergsbyn course is definitely a worldclass course, with its 29 challenging holes, a café, accommodation, a putting green and disc rental.
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Go karting
Skellefteå Karting Arena is a top modern facility with karts for hire and a separate track for children.
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Riding schools
Skellefteå Ridklubb is located in the centre of Skellefteå and was named Riding
School of the Year in 2013. There are also riding schools in Ersmark and Gummark, and several active riding clubs, horse associations and driving clubs in the municipality.
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Reach the world from your airport

Skellefteå Airport is one of the ten largest airports in Sweden, and it is owned and run by the local residents. The airport serves an important function in the development of the Skellefteå region. This is partly due to the regular departures to Stockholm, which make it possible to work further south and to travel onwards to other destinations. But it is also due to the growing number of charter destinations that offer Skellefteå a direct link to the rest of the World.
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Skellefteå local bus network.
Bus information
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