The benefits of living in a small city

Skellefteå resident Björn Elvå was born in Öland but waxes lyrical about his children's childhood environment:
– It can hardly be improved upon. I think we have a lovely "Bullerby Children" atmosphere here in Skellefteå.

When Björn Elvå met Skellefteå girl Jenny ten years ago, he quickly made a life-changing decision. He quit his job and moved to her home town.

The optimum environment for all children

– I didn't have another job lined up here, but it has worked out very nicely, says Björn.
Ten years on he is still working as an air freight forwarder, and says he hasn't regretted moving for a second:
– I love the atmosphere in Skellefteå and it has been very easy to get to know the town. Besides, it is the perfect environment for us as a family with young children. It is close to the wilderness and there are plenty of opportunities for fishing and other outdoor activities.

The forest is the best playground

Together Björn and Jenny have the children Minna, who is five, and Loke, who is almost one. The youngest is at home with Björn, who is on paternity leave, and Minna goes to preschool near their home at Stämningsgården.
– The preschool is situated just at the edge of the forest, which makes it a marvellous playground that you really want to look after. The staff make sure the children spend a lot of time outdoors and it is obvious that they benefit from it. Minna's face lights up when she tells us what they have been doing in the forest, says Björn.

Security develops naturally

Björn believes there a number of benefits for children in Skellefteå, compared to other places he has lived further south.
– Obviously it is great that the children can walk to school on their own even when they are young.
There is something lovely about small-scale living, people recognise each other and we know who most people are. This is something we really appreciate and we notice that the children get a sense of security from that, he says. Björn also has positive experiences from his dealings with Skellefteå municipality:
– Everything has gone so smoothly and it is noticeable how easy it is to deal with an appropriately-sized municipality. They don't make things so complicated, and everything feels straightforward and honest.