A natural lifestyle

Many people dream of a richer life. Sven and Nandini in Ursviken do not. They have chosen to live one.

What would you say to reducing the amount of time you spend watching TV to just a few hours per week? And to instead fill your life with powerful experiences in forests and on waterways? It probably sounds as amazing as it sounds impossible. But Nandini Sjöström and Sven Burman are living proof that it is possible.
– We are out in nature more or less every day, often together with our daughter Minna. In the evenings we're out and about with the dog. So we don't switch on the TV very often, says Nandini.

The activities vary with the seasons

The type of outdoor activities they are pursuing changes with the seasons. In late autumn and early winter, before the snow settles on the ice, they opt for long-distance skating. During the winter they focus on cross-country skiing and scooter trips, both nearby and in the mountains, which are just a few hours away by car. The snow-free period from April to November is dedicated to kayaking, fishing and hiking. Sven explains:
– In spring, the paddling season often starts while it is still possible to go skiing, so it is easy to keep busy.

Focusing on enjoyment and experiences

Sven is convinced that their lifestyle affects them as people:
– Yes, it keeps us alert and gives us a richer life. Particularly as it is so easy to experience nature on your own. Beautiful fishing lakes and scooter trails. Everything is so accessible and yet so untouched. There are many islands you can camp on and sometimes you can find a completely untouched beach that can only be accessed from the sea. In addition, all the hiking trails are very well signposted and the municipality provides wood at picnic areas. There are also many enthusiast-run associations for climbing, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Instagram campaign against ice hockey

Skellefteå is known as Sweden's number one ice hockey town, however not everyone is fanatical about the sport. This includes Sven.
– During the latest play-off I uploaded photos to Instragram to show what I was doing when the match was on. Just as an alternative to the ice hockey hysteria. My friends are mad about ice hockey and they found it amusing to see me out in nature during an important match.