Living near water enhances the river of life

Marlene Dunder looks out on the river and sighs a little.
– There certainly is something special about water. Almost like fire. Incredibly calming and you never get tired of looking at it.

Marlene and Emil found the house at Norra Tuvan in Skellefteå just over five years ago. They were heading home from a boat trip when they passed the house by the river and said to each other: "We should live here." A while later they found out that the house had been put on the market for sale.
– The viewing was on my birthday, the 2nd of June, and it was the first and last viewing we went to. Initially we never dreamed it would become our house, but a week later we were proud home owners. I remember it as a very strange feeling, says Marlene.

A country retreat close to town

Marlene is originally from Kalix, but she has studied and worked in Stockholm for a few years, both as a skin therapist and a massage therapist. When she was offered the chance to buy a company in Skellefteå, she accepted and moved up here.
– I had lived in Skellefteå earlier and knew I really liked the town.
For the past nine years she has run the company Vila Hudvård at Dunder och Book in the centre of Skellefteå. And she loves living in the house by the river, together with Emil and their two children.

Sauna sessions and river dips

– There is such a rural atmosphere here, with horses on the farm next door and boats sailing by on the river. And yet we can cycle into town in just 20 minutes on a lovely bicycle path. Marlene says there are plenty of families with children in the area and a generally lovely atmosphere. Once in a while they meet up for joint barbecues. And the river is always an important part of life.
– We often go for a dip in the river after we have been in the sauna. It is rarely warm, but it is refreshing and the currents are not particularly strong.

Good for the soul

Marlene believes living by the river is important to the entire family.
– You become more peaceful as a person by living in such tranquil and quiet surroundings. It is incredibly beautiful in the spring when the ice breaks up, and very colourful in the autumn. And in the summer it is so green that we can hardly see the houses on the other side of the river.