Family life

Skellefteå is a fantastic place to live in Sweden for families with young children – the life/work balance means that the whole family benefits from the incredible recreational opportunities and the strong social infrastructure.

Great for children

When moving to Sweden, finding a suitable area for children to grow, learn and play is essential. Skellefteå is an amazing place for children to grow up. It’s very  close to nature, has an excellent educational system and a comprehensive range of activities to keep kids busy and engaged.

International English school

An F-9 school opening in August 2019. Read more about the international English school in Skellefteå.

A safe place with low crime rates

When youre thinking of relocating to Sweden, a safe place to live will be first on your list of priorities. Skellefteå is, without doubt, one of the country's safest places to grow up. Year-on-year, statistics show that the crime rate in Skellefteå is lower than the Swedish average, which is already very low by international standards. In other words, Skellefteå is a place where children and adults a like can relax and enjoy their day-to-day activities.

Make the most of every season

Skellefteå residents almost take their area’s bounteous natural beauty for granted. With its stunning white winters and bright, warm summers, Skellefteå is a glorious place to live, throughout the year. Not least for children. Learning to ski, swimming in lakes and participating in various outdoor activities are a natural part of childhood here.There can be few better places in the world to be a child.

Fantastic playgrounds and bathing spots

Skellefteå has prioritized making the municipality a place where children can thrive and develop. With recently refurbished playgrounds and specially adapted bathing spots, there are numerous opportunities to en joy a stimulating and memorable childhood.

Go everywhere by bicycle

Thanks to the relatively short distances and great bicycle paths, it’s easy to get around in Skellefteå town, even for children. As there is no need to cross busy intersections, children and adults alike can bicycle anywhere quite safely.